Welcome! We’re Borobudur International Golf, a 5 stars golf with an 18-hole golf course. Located within Magelang, Center of Java, Indonesia, the landscape offers guarantees pure enjoyment & total relaxation. Discover an elegant club in a warm & friendly ambience!


VIP Room 1st Floor

Facilities : Screen, Projector, Mineral Water
Capacity : 10 pax
Set Up : Long Table, Theater

VIP Room 2nd Floor

Facilities : Screen, Projector, Standard Sound System, Locker, Mineral Water
Capacity : 30 pax
Set Up : Long Table, Class Room, Theater, U-Shape

Hall Room

Facilities :

Screen & Projector, Standard Sound System, Mineral Water,  Indoor Mini Stage, Mini Garden, Podium.

Set Up :

Class Room : 150 pax

Round Table : 150 pax

Theater : 300 pax

U-Shape : 100 pax

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A golfing experience at the Borobudur International Golf & Country Club is not to be missed.